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Cannot find

If you can’t find something or someone in your dream, it reflects your feelings that you have “lost” someone or something important in your waking life. Pay attention to what it is. If you can’t find your purse or wallet (dream symbols associated with identity), identify where your identity may be in transition, as in going from being married to being divorced. If you can’t find your car (or other means of transportation) in a dream, it reflects concerns about having lost your direction in your waking life.  If you lose your car keys in a dream, it is a metaphor for your concern about reaching your next destination. If you can't find a place in a dream, it reflects concerns about that location in waking life. If you can’t find a phone, your waking life concern is connecting with someone. If you can't find someone in your dream, you feel that you've lost touch with them in waking life.

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