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Background: For the last three months, I have been involved with a messy legal dispute over the sale of a restaurant once owned by my husband and his ex-wife (divorced in 1978! We met and married long, long after, in 1990). I've done all the negotiating (through the lawyers) and it has been quite a burden.

She started by saying he was entitled to nothing, and now we are up to 43 percent. Not exactly what we wanted, but better then paying lawyers to fight it out indefinitely. The papers are signed and we are waiting for the final sale to take place within the month. In the meantime, I have an important job interview in the next few days, a wonderful career opportunity as an editor for a leading book publisher. (I have been a successful freelance writer, working from home for the last seven years.) Now that my children are both in school, I am looking forward to the challenge of a new career. Here's my dream. . .

I am at the restaurant, waiting for a 4:00 meeting with all parties involved, to complete the sale. Up to this point, there have been no face-to-face meetings. His ex-wife doesn't show up at the appointed time. We wait and wait. Finally, I go to the ladies room, where I realize I am missing an eye. I get a little upset, but convince myself that as long as I keep my eye closed tight, everything will be all right. There are some other women there, people I don't really know but who are very nice to me (waitresses, maybe?), who notice and ask me if I am all right, I stammer and say "I guess so," and go about my business waiting for the ex-wife to show up. As time passes, I grow more concerned about my eye, thinking if I wait any longer, it might not be okay. My main concern seems to be on keeping the empty eye socket protected by clenching my eyelids shut. The eye socket itself does not hurt, but the clenching is starting to bother me. Finally, she shows up around four hours late, then the dream fades away, with me increasingly focused (no pun intended) on keeping my eye clenched shut.

—Sharon, age 38, Wilmington, DE, USA

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