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I am a teenager and read in the Teen Zone about teeth falling out. I have had that dream and so has my mother, but we aren’t usually concerned of our appearance. My mother had a lot of dentistry work. I think it is a fear of losing teeth. I dreamed I was eating pizza and my teeth fell out in the middle of it!

-- Anonymous, Age 17, Sewickley, PA, USA


For the last few weeks I have been having these dreams where my teeth are either loose or just fall out. I have heard that this may have some signifigance. More specifically, the molars tend to be the teeth that fall out, however,last night my dream included a front tooth as well. I’d be very thankful for any insight.

--Karen, Age 23, Grover Beach, CA, USA


I keep dreaming that all my teeth are loose and I keep pulling them out of my mouth one by one until they are all out, but I don’t know what happens to them.

--Sandra, Age 32, Trowbridge, ENGLAND

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