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A few nights ago, I had a terrifying dream, and I wonder what it means. I was in an elevator with two boys and a girl who are in the same Boarding House as me. (The boys are people I barely know and are of no significance to me in real life.) One of the boys said, “Watch this, this is cool!” and pressed a button on the back wall of the elevator. The left side of the elevator lurched up so that the elevator was on a slant, and we began to zoom up at an incredible speed. I was terrified, but I laughed because everyone else was.

Suddenly, I noticed that the little red number displaying which floor we were on was stuck at “4,” yet we were still traveling upward! Then I saw the elevator from an outside vantage point, and it was flying up into the air! We came down and landed on the ledge of a building. Everyone was badly injured, but I was the only one who knew that we had to be careful and balance the elevator on the ledge so that we did not fall (because I could see it from the outside occasionally, even though I was inside the elevator). The girl couldn’t hear me, her hearing had been damaged, and she started to crawl towards me...and the elevator slid off the edge. We plummeted, yet when the impact hit, I was able to stay in a crouching position on the floor, unhurt. I turned to the girl to say, “We made it!” when I realized that everyone was broken and bloody on the floor.

Then the dream changed, and I was in an unclear, white-and-blue environment, presumably heaven, and a saint in white robes was telling the four of us (we were all fully intact and healed) that we would look upon the face of God. Then in front of us, a firey blue light began to materialize, and I caught a glimpse of it before I woke up.

The dream happened at the start of a vacation, our last vacation before exams. I thought perhaps that the free fall had something to do with helplessness or lack of control, but I’m not sure. And I remember in the dream I was thinking about my boyfriend a lot (who was not there at the time) and wondering if he knew where I was, especially when I got to “heaven” (or whatever that was). In real life, he is on vacation in another country. I do have claustrophobia and fear of heights, which might also be related.

The first thing that pops into my mind is helplessness, and the bright blue light in “heaven.” I also remember the contrasts; utter sadness in the elevator (I remember thinking of my family and friends and wondering if they were watching), then complete calmness and relaxation as I looked upon the face of God.

I should mention that I have never had a dream so graphic before...and that I haven’t been on an elevator since!

--Heather, Age 18, SINGAPORE

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