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Twice so far I’ve had a dream about winning the lottery. In the first dream, I was holding a ticket with the winning numbers and was able to see what they were. I only won a minor prize of about $600-700. It ended with me trying to find a place to redeem the ticket.

I had the second dream this morning, in which I won a jackpot of a million dollars. I don’t remember the numbers, but in the dream I ended up at a bank with a check in the amount of a million dollars and got it cashed. The dream basically ended with me talking to someone I think was my mother (I wasn’t able to recognize the person) about going out and buying a brand new Porsche. I’ve only had one other dream about money recently, and that was a few weeks ago where I dreamt that I was at the bank with my mother ordering custom made checks. That was part of another dream that had absolutely nothing to do with money or banks.

Currently I’m involved with a guy I met on the internet, and it’s a long distance relationship (from New York to Washington State). We’re both 19 years old and money is a main concern for us when discussing when we are able to see each other, how often, and ultimately end up living together and getting married. Also, I don’t play the lottery very often, but last night my boss entered us all in the lottery and that was the main topic of discussion all night. Could any of these be responsible for my dreams, or do you think there’s something else going on?

--Daphne, Age 19, Ronkonkoma, NY, USA

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