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The Mr.X mentioned below is someone that I consider to be my soulmate. However, even though he has said that we are ideally suited for each other, there is no chemistry between us, and thus we do not have a romantic relationship.

He has been in love with someone much younger than he, Sarah, who recently told him that they had no future, but he has yet to get over this and move on. I have not given up, though, and since our relationship has evolved so much in just the past six months, I am patiently waiting to see what unfolds with time.

In my dream, I was at a bank, next in line, waiting to see the teller. There was an older lady in front of me, at the teller. She was presenting a check—not like the small, personal checks—but one of those longer, company-style checks) for deposit.

The check was written and signed by Mr.X. It appeared to be a donation to a church or charity, the amount was $15,000, and, in the upper right, near the check number, was a handwritten note, For S---. To complicate matters more, the check had been stamped “Returned--Insufficient Funds.”

So it appears that the lady was attempting to try depositing the check again. I mention the girl’s name, Sarah, because I suspect that the “S---” may have something to do with her.

 --Karen, USA

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