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Last night I was told in my dream that I was going to die, and it quite freaked me out. I had been sitting in this large room looking through my artwork, and thinking that some of them were actually better than I thought. When it came time to submit the art to my boss, though, I couldn't find it.

Then there were other people in the room as it was a public space. This black man started crying and telling this young girl next to me not to get in a car with flowers in it (meaning a hearse) because that car was meant for me, and that I was next to die.

I got upset and said, "Don't say that. I'm not going to die". He looked at me quizzically as if I was hiding some of my knowledge and said something like, "You know it's true. Can't you remember what you've been told in your contact with the other side?"

About myself. About a year ago I wrote to you and told you my dream about wanting to have sex with another woman in a hotel room. As that dream ended I was watching a huge tidal wave with my mother on New Year’s Eve. You told me the dream was about transition (New Year’s Eve), and my desire to explore my sexuality (the other woman), and my fears about confiding my desires to my mother (represented by the tidal wave).

Well, I am now in a relationship with another woman and have told my mother, who is very supportive. So you were right in your interpretation of that dream. I look forward to your interpretation of this one, which has me concerned!

—Vivian, Age 29, Single, Australia

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