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I am a 35 year old male, an artist. I never before felt an urge for my dreams to be analysed, but this one was so powerful that it is still vividly in my mind after 10 days. Here it goes:

I am with my sister at the NASA lab. They are telling us that they are renewing their moon program. We are excited, they are pulling out old seventies equipment. Suddenly, we discover that we are the ones to go to the moon. As we talk to each other, we are in space suits and we find ourselves on the moon surface. We see the earth far on the horizon. Then we notice small volcanos which are active; smoke is coming out of them, but there is no lava. I tell my sister that I think because of the volcanos the air must be warm. We remove our helmets, and indeed, the air is both warm and breathable. Then, we see a little tree. I am excited; I think it is a lemon tree. My sister approaches it, and holds a fruit in her hand. It is a weird-looking apple. The lemon turns into an apple. She picks the apple, and takes a bite out of it. I am appalled. I beg her not to do it, I am afraid that since it is a moon flora, we don’t know whether or not it is good for us. She is just smiling, saying that it’s O.K. At that moment, the sky above the moon is covered with shooting stars. I feel I am excelling.

I would like to add that I don’t see my sister all that often. We live some 300 miles apart and we talk on the phone from time to time. I consider us to be reasonably close.

- Anonymous, Age 35, New York, NY, USA

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