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I had a dream that I was killed by execution. I was beheaded. There were other people in the dream who also were executed before it was my turn. When it happened to me I just felt a thud, as the executioner swung his ax or sword.

I realized that I had passed from life to death seamlessly and without interruption of my conscious mind. I was surprised that I still had a body (to include my head). I became panicky when I realized that I was someplace between both worlds and could not make contact with anyone around me—including my living family and other loved ones. Then it was over.

I was always under the impression that one could not dream of being dead, or on the “other side.” In my waking life there are no crises occurring at the moment, although I do have some personal and frustrating issues with my colleagues (First Officers) at work. I am a Captain flying a 747 aeroplane. I am divorced from my wife of 8 years, and I enjoy an active part in the lives of my two sons. I have been in a long-term relationship and am currently weighing moving together (marriage) or going the other way (calling off the relationship). But this has been a topic for us both for about a year.

—Michael, Age 38, Divorced, London, England

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