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Before I tell about my dream, you should probably know what’s going on in my life that’s been occupying my mind lately. I just graduated from FSU with a degree in Acting and I am planning to move to New York to jump right in and see where acting takes me. I’m not really nervous about that (yet). I’m fairly confident in my ability and I have a lot of connections up there already. What’s been bothering me is the fact that, because of the move, my girlfriend of over a year and I are forced to break up (she still has another year of college). It’s been a very secure relationship and we both love each other immensely (although we ARE young... I’m 22; she’s 20). I haven’t seen her in over a month due to her summer theatre work but we have talked about how we need to end things for now. I have planned a trip to see her next week for a few days, at which time we will put closure on the relationship with our friendship still intact and still very much in love.

Here’s my dream:

It has been a recurring one in which I show up to her house so we can mutually end the relationship, but every time I have the dream I show up with a missing body part or a hole of some sort somewhere on my body (the latest, most vivid dream involved a hole on the inside of my lower left leg that ran from my knee down to my ankle, and peering into the whole it was very clean... no blood or anything, but I could see my bone and it was very painful). I have had this dream many times, somtimes missing a hand, sometimes a whole arm, and the thing that gets me the most, the reason I am writing, is that she is very insensitive about whatever deformity I may have. She reacts coldly to my requests for help and avoids me. She won’t help “nurse” the hole or anything like that... She just says “Let’s get this thing over with,” referring to the break up, and sends me on my way with no affection at all, pushing me away when I try to hug or kiss her, or tell her I still love her.

I can make some obvious connections here, but overall I am confused as to what the holes in my body mean and why she is being so cold. That’s not like her.

Could you please help me out?

--Mike, Age 22, Clearwater, FLORIDA, USA

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