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Could you please tell me what it means when you dream that people are shooting at you? I often dream that I am being shot at by soldiers or by thugs and often I actually feel the bullets hit my body and I experience pain.

In one of these dreams I had just backed the car out of my driveway and was proceeding to drive away when I saw a car speeding around the corner on two wheels, headed straight for me. The car righted itself and I noticed a man standing up in the car with the top half of his body sticking up through the sun roof. He was holding a rifle in his hand and seemed to be taking pot shots at anything moving.

Suddenly the gun was pointing at me and he fired. I saw the bullet coming towards me and tried to duck down but was too slow and felt it skim across the top of my head. It was very painful.

At the time I was having these dreams I was going through a lot of stress in my marriage and had also just given birth to twins. I realize that this is the reason for the dreams, but why did the dream manifest itself in this way?

- Tamsin, Age 28, Married, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

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