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In my dream I was on a plane, and my dad was there. (He’s deceased.) He was smiling. The plane was trying to take off, but I kept thinking it was going to crash because the pilot was too low. He was flying over this huge body of water that was full of people who were playing in the waves. But the waves were man-made, like the kind you see in a water park, and there were invisible slides under the water. The pilot seemed to follow the flow of the water as if on a roller coaster.

Just as the plane gained some height and I thought ok, it’s gonna be ok, we all fell out of the plane, as if we were on a trolley—with no real walls or windows. We weren’t hurt. We just sat on a big, decorative boulder that was lying in the park, and one of the waiters brought us a drink. I was concerned that I had lost my purse.

As for my personal life: My father passed away 7 years ago. I do miss him, and initially managing my feelings regarding his death was difficult. I have come to terms with it though. I do think of him often, however it does not weigh heavily on my mind. I’ve also recently lost my job, and I am feeling a little insecure with today’s climate in the workplace.

I have had several of these wild plane ride dreams recently. Can you tell me what they mean?

—Anonymous, Female, Age 38, Single, USA

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