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A very good male friend and I are walking on a familiar beach. We are having a discussion, and although I can't now remember the content, I know it was intense. We stop walking to face each other. The ocean is behind him and to the side of us. As we talk, I look over to see a tidal wave forming to the side of us. I become very nervous and scared, while he stays calm and collected. He keeps trying to calm me, while I keep assuring him we will die.

Then I notice another tidal wave forming behind him, seeming to come from a different source than the first. He doesn't notice this second one until I point it out to him. At the moment he sees the second tidal wave, he turns around to embrace and kiss me. The dream then comes to a close with him and me kissing on the beach with two different tidal waves looming near us. I see this almost as if a camera has panned back to show the whole scene, like in a movie.

Background: I have had to keep my friendship with my male friend a secret because of a close female friend of mine. I have explained to her that we are only friends, but she still doesn't like us to be friends. This friendship has remained a secret for over a year, and has more recently become more important to me. Now I do struggle with the possibility of there being other (more romantic) feelings involved.

—Cara, age 29, single, Montreal, CANADA

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