broken home

I had a dream that I was standing in an old house, abandoned and worn. It was storming outside and it grew very dark. Suddenly it started to hail. I felt as if a tornado were coming. A faceless person was with me.

Then the hail started to come through the ceiling. Hundreds of pieces fell like rain, making holes in the roof and walls. The hail would stop and hang in the air for a second. I pulled one from the ceiling and showed it to the person with no face.

Then I went outside and through a bit of haze, I could see a satellite floating in the sky. I thought the ozone layer was gone. The satellite was very close to Earth. Then I went back into the house and started having sex with a doctor, that in real life I work with. I dream of having sex with this doctor often. He is married, and I am attracted to him.

—Tina, Age 34, Married, USA

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