I had this dream about a guy at work. We work close together and get along real fine. I dream that we have a few beers together after work and that we are by our cars in the parking lot and chatting friendly enough and the feeling I get is we don’t want to leave the company of the other. But we know we must. I suddenly impulsively reach up and give him a long lingering kiss. Then I pull away and tell him goodnite and leave him standing there looking perplexed. Then I dream the next day that he asks me what that Kiss was all about the nite before. And I tell him that I just had the feeling I wanted to be closer and thought I should make the first move. Thing is, I am attracted to this guy but consider him a good friend. I worry if I did do something like this in real life it would spoil the friendship we do have. Please help interpret this dream.... 


--Carol, Age 41, Edwardsville, IL, USA


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