I recently had a dream about a guy that I work with. I think he’s nice and talented, but I don’t think that I like him in a romantic way, we’re more like friends. My dream was that we were at work, and I think our boss was speaking to us, there were a lot of people behind me, as I was at the front of the crowd. I looked behind me, and there was the guy I work with, and he put his arms around me, and came closer to me to hold me tight. I looked up at him and had a really calm, pure happy feeling about the situation and how he was holding me. Then, the next part of the dream was when I was sitting on a chair, and he was trying to keep me from falling asleep, I felt extremely exhausted. I fell onto the floor softly, I remember the floor was carpeted. I then had a feeling of disappointment and felt like giving up on him and on us. Suddenly, he came up behind me and picked me up by the arm, and I awoke more, and he hugged me, holding me tight once again. I felt safe and not overwhelmingly in love but it was a nice, happy feeling, like he really cared about me, and he truly wanted me to not give up on us. I think maybe I may like him, but he is just nice to everyone and I guess I am afraid of the rejection. I have never had a boyfriend, but I know that this dream made me feel really warm and happy inside.

I hope you answer soon, as I am wondering what this dream means. Thank you for the wonderful website. :)

--Raven, Age 16, Vancouver, Canada

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