Several weeks ago I dreamed of someone I was very fond of in high school. He and I sort of had a crush on each other. However, we lost contact.

Over the years I have dreamed of him on and off, and each time it seemed so real—we actually hold conversations. My last dream, he told me he loved me and that he always would. He said it was all his fault that we were not together today.

I broke down and cried and told him how much I missed him in my life. The next night I dreamed he was holding me. I said I could not wait to be with him again. He said he couldn't wait to be with me either and that it would not be long. He said we were meant to be. He said this time things would be different. He told me how much he loved me. We both agreed that we had loved each other since the day we met—22 years ago. He even said we would find each other early in our next lives.

The dreams of him have become especially strong over the last five years, increasing in frequency and intensity. He always looks me in the eye and I do the same. In each dream we are loving and respectful of one another. I see his features clearly and our conversations are clear. He gives me details of his life, for example, that he is a basketball coach now. I feel uplifted after these dreams.

This man was my former high school soccer teacher, and football coach at my high school. He was tall, handsome and overwhelmingly popular with all the high school girls. However, he seemed to have a special attraction to me (many people noticed.) I was young and shy, so I did not know how to handle this. Whenever he looked at me I fell apart. I thought maybe it was my imagination, but when he started showing up in front of my home and the places I would hang out, I began to believe that he did have a “thing” for me. He spent many nights driving by my house, even pulling up to me, but again, I was too shy and just did not know how to handle it. This went on for quite some time, especially during summer break. Before the new school year, my parents moved far away (taking me with them) for my senior year of high school. I thought I would never see him again, so I went back to visit my old high school as often as possible.

The word must have gotten back to him because he began showing up in my new town (some 90 miles away from where he lived). Again, like an idiot, I was stunned. He followed me into stores and sat outside my house. Well, I guess eventually he felt I did not care for him because he started going out with a hall monitor’s daughter. Oh God. I was crushed, so I started hanging out at the football games where I knew he was a coach. He noticed me immediately and totally ignored his new appendage. Not that he was not nice to her, but it was more than apparent to me (and to the other adults that worked with him) that he was dating her as an act of kindness. Eventually, I thought I could never have him and left things alone. Then, the rumor came—he was getting married. Oh God. How devastating. His co-workers and other teachers asked him, “Why are you marrying her if you don’t love her?” His reply, “I feel sorry for her.” I was with a co-worker of his when we ran into him a couple of months before the wedding. When he saw me he could barely speak, he just stared. My friend said, “Jenny, I wasn’t sure if what you were telling me was true, but now I know. He does really care for you. This is very tragic. Everyone knows how unhappy he is about this marriage.”

I finally contacted him about 4 days before his wedding. I left him a note telling him of my feelings for him and that I knew that he had gone to great lengths to meet me on many occasions, but it was too late. He married and left my life.

One of my first dreams about him came when I was 25 years old. He walked up to me and we had a conversation. I told him that I missed him, and he said the same. Then his wife walked up and I said to her, “Are you happy? You have him all of the time. Can’t I just have him for a few minutes?” She dizzily walked away and allowed us to say our goodbyes. He kissed me. It seemed so real when I woke I could still feel his presence.

These dreams happened once in awhile. Then, about 4 years ago, he came to me again in a dream. He said, “Jenny I am here now, don’t be afraid.” After that I had two near death experiences, and the dreams since then have become more frequent. In the last dream we discussed his marriage and the people that I have dated. I told him I have never met anyone like him. He said he felt the same. He said he missed me and he could not wait to be with me again. I asked him when we would be together again and he said, “Soon, Jenny. Very soon.” He told me he was a basketball coach now and did not think that was good enough for me. He was speculating, wondering if I could still care for him. I told him yes. I told him to come find me that I would not turn him away or act foolish, the way I did when I was a giddy teen. I told him that he could find me in Chicago, in Lincoln Park. I told him to hurry because I missed him. Do people share dreams?

No, I am not married. I have had many different relationships, but I am very independent and just am not ready to give up me yet. I work full-time and I am a student. I enjoy ancient history and learning. I am working on me before I find the right person to spend my life with. Well, I hope I have given you enough info. To me, these dreams are a blessing. I feel like I am communicating with someone I have much respect for. Oh, yes, I looked him up on the Internet. He is teaching junior high basketball now (just as he said in my dream).

—Jenny, Chicago, USA

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