I am 32 years old and have been married for 5 years. My husband and I lived together for 2 years before we were married. I have many dreams about having sex with other men. It is never the same man, I never know who it is, and I wake up feeling guilty. Usually my dream is in the early morning before waking up so I remember them vividly at first. The dreams are so real that I actually feel as if I climax. I’m beginning to feel like some kind of wierdo. This moring’s dream was of a younger blonde man (no real identity) that I liked quite a bit. I did not actually have sex with him but I could not get my mind off of him all day. My husband and I have sex once or twice a week as I think is pretty normal. Help me please! Am I wierd or what!? I have never had an extramaritial affair and often believe this is my way of “messing around.” What do you think?

- Anonymous, Age 32, USA

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