I was married a year ago and my husband and I have a terrific relationship. A few months ago I had a dream that he had decided to become a polygamist. I found him in our home talking to his other wife while she was in the shower. I asked him how he could do this to me, and all he said was that he and the other wife felt that it was right. It was the most devastating feeling I had ever felt. To top it all off, the other wife was pregnant! (We have no children yet). The overwhelming feeling of despair and distrust stayed with me not only in the dream but for a week after--almost as strong, despite the reassurance of my husband. He said I was crazy, but I really had to work at getting over the hurt feelings I felt in my dream. Is it normal to let dreams overcome you like this? I have no doubts that my husband is faithful. Why would I dream that he would be with that other woman and want a family with her before me?


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