I was driving down a road in my Blue Acura when I saw a baby stroller rolling along all by itself. I pulled my car over and jumped out, and ran to the stroller. There was a baby in it and no one around so I started pushing the stroller. Then I saw a large family coming up the road. Their hands were full, so I pushed the stroller up the hill to where they were. Then I hugged and held the baby and gave it love and care and attention, and then let the family take it from me. I felt very connected to the baby and nurturing toward it with TLC.

I jogged back down the hill to my car and suddenly realized it was gone. I smacked my self on the forehead and thought someone stole it. I had dropped everything and left the keys in the ignition to help the baby. I thought, “OK, car is gone.” I was trying to be in the flow of it all. I thought “It has all my stuff in it...I trust that whoever got it needs it.” Then as I started reflecting on the car and what to do I realized I was dreaming, and that I didn’t have to worry.

PS: I have been dating an adorable young law student this summer, if that has anything to do with it.

- Mora, Age 33, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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