The other night I dreamt that I overheard a friend’s wife (whom I don’t like very much) speaking about me in an office building setting. In the dream I happened by them, and did not intentionally listen in (I might do this in real life I admit, if I heard my name in bad context)...and overheard her tell her friends at work things that made me feel bad. (I was a cow that looked silly in the dress I wore to her wedding, and... haa haa ...she picked it out in that style because she knew I would look fat & pale...yata yata yata) Then in the dream I told her off when I caught her in the act. OK, here’s the eerie part: After not having heard from her in 5 weeks, she phones that very night! Is this a premonition? Or just coincidence? I hadn’t been thinking about her at all for weeks until that dream, then BOOM - she happens to phone too?

--Kara, Age 27, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

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