I have this recurring dream about my former husband. It’s driving me crazy. I dream about him and his current wife about 4 times a week, if not more. She is usually pleasant in the dream and usually his children are in it. We never had any together. The last few times that I dreamed about him, he was going to leave her and he said that he wanted me to be his wife, not her. In the dream, I always want him back, but then when I look at his current wife and children, I tell him no, that I couldn’t break up a family.

It always seems that I feel so jealous and alone in the dream and I cannot stand her. She changed my house around and I hated it. And, she has children and I don’t.

But in real life, I don’t want children anyway, (I don’t think), and I believe I am content with my life the way it is.

I’m not sorry that I divorced him at all, I know that.

So, I just don’t understand these dreams that I am having.

-Anonymous, Age 42, Louisiana, USA

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