My dream takes place in a strange setting. It’s not my home, but it’s familiar enough so that I know the landmarks. I am walking along a known path within a forest. I feel a danger near me, but I can’t see it. It’s getting closer, so I begin to run.

I’m running now. I feel my heart in my chest. It’s about to explode. I stop, but only for a moment to catch my breath. Then I feel it. It is upon me. I turn to face my monster. It is wolf-like, but it is not organic. It is like a liquid metal.

He snarls and attacks. I see his teeth as they sink into my left shoulder. I notice there is no pain and no red blood. There are puncture marks and silver liquid oozes out. I watch as it runs down my arm and pools into my palm. In this silver pool I watch my life. I actually see myself—interacting with friends on a normal day, and smiling and cooking.

I like this part, but then the monster is back, standing over me. I am completely flat on the ground. He comes to me and looks. He smells me and jumps over me. I clearly see his stomach and underside of his legs. Then, it’s over. The monster is gone and my hand is still a pool for visions

—Rita, Age 40, Married, USA

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