About once a month or so, I get this dream. I was not completely faithful at the beginning of our relationship, and my fiancé turned to drugs for comfort.

My Dream: My fiancé used to have a drug (cocaine) problem. I dreamt that he would lie to me, saying he was not doing coke; but really he'd come to me later and confess to the drug problem and lying to me. His lies are very detailed, like he thought them out. He's a very good liar in my dreams, and I believe him, and when I wake up, I sometimes feel like I can't trust him because of what he did in my dream. It crushes my spirit every time I think of it!

I feel guilty -- like I caused it -- and I also realize that our relationship could end because of his mistakes. I wake up almost in tears because I don't want to lose him, even though nothing really happened!

—Jessie, age 20, engaged, female, GA

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