Background information: My husband and I are on rocky ground. We recently returned from a trip to our original honeymoon spot, which turned out to be a disaster. The trip only validated my feelings that our marriage is in serious trouble.

The last couple of nights I have dreamed of traveling. The first night I was in another city or town, and it was very crowded. I couldn't see my husband but I felt his presence with me. It seemed as though we just couldn't really get anywhere, or even distinguish where we were.

The second night I dreamed we were in transit trying to get to an airport. I believe we made it to the airport, but there was just chaos and we never boarded a plane.

Am I only rehashing the events that have recently taken place, or is there some other meaning to these dreams? I keep seeing definitions that pertain to a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Help!

—Mary, Age 48, Married, NY, USA

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