I am married with 3 children. I love my kids, but am not so happy being married right now. A month ago or so, I was out with a friend in my class at college who had been flirting with me (fairly innocently) until that point, and we almost went home together. Though we didn’t go through with it, things are awkward now between us. We aren’t meant to be together in any sort of solid relationship. He’s single, no kids, and 21 (I’m 31). Anyway, this is the dream that I had.

I am in an empty room, like a cafeteria or banquet hall. The lights are out, and all the tables and chairs are empty. Someone comes up behind me and starts kissing the back of my neck, and speaking to me very softly. It’s my friend. He makes a promise of some sort to me, and then the dream ended because I was woken up. I’m not sure what else would have happened in the dream. It seems pretty clear that there is something I want him to tell me. I’m not sure what it is, or the significance of the dark, empty room and the empty chairs and tables.

- Anonymous, Age 31

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