I actually have had this dream several times (at least 4 that I can remember).

In my dream, I’m pregnant, and when I find out I think to myself “Wait a minute, I’m not seeing anyone, I haven’t had sex in a long time with anyone, how the hell am I pregnant?” Usually the rest of the dream is me freaking out about how I got pregnant. Did I have sex with someone and now I have amnesia and don’t remember? What will I tell my family? They are going to ask me who the father is and I don’t know. They won’t believe me. In most of the dreams, I never have the baby, I always wake up. But in one dream, I had the baby and it was a black baby and I’m white. Not only did I not have the answers to any of the above questions, but how in the world was I going to explain this one? I kept trying my hardest to think of anything that could’ve happened where I was maybe drugged and this could’ve happened.

This dream is always a strange one, especially the one with the black baby. And to answer any questions: I’m white, I’ve never had a relationship with a black man, I’m not attracted to anyone currently who’s black, and I’m not prejudiced either.

- Lisa, Age 27, Chicago, IL, USA

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