Background information: Married 31 years (rocky the last three or four years, wanting to leave but can’t seem to because of guilt and security issues), in counseling for the past two years, two adult children, two grandchildren (I adore my kids, their spouses and my grandchildren), social worker for people living with HIV/AIDS.

In my dream: my husband and I decided that we no longer wanted to parent our two children. The children were actually my real-life grandchildren -- two little girls. (My real-life children are girl and boy and are now 30 and 23). We had decided that we wanted to be free of responsibility, and were looking for someone to adopt the girls.

We found a couple that we thought were appropriate and began the process of legalizing the adoption. The couple was older, late 40’s, early 50’s. They paid us $30,000 and we were taking the girls to visit them often, so they would get used to them before the adoption was complete. I began thinking how horrible it would be when the girls finally realized that we didn’t want them anymore.

I decided that I couldn’t deal with that and changed my mind about the adoption but didn’t know how to get out of it, since we had already spent a small portion of the money. I rationalized that we could take some of our money out of savings to replace the money we used, but was afraid we would be sued because we had signed a contract, and we would lose the girls anyway.

I approached the adopting mother and was trying to figure out how I could convince her to let me back out, when she told me that she had something important to tell me. She told me that she and her husband had decided to split up. I was elated because now that meant I wouldn’t have to give up the girls. I woke up before I could tell her that. I felt so sick after that dream and it is still haunting me a week later.

—Rebecca, age 51, female, married, Olympia, WA

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