Background: I am usually able to find meaning in my dreams, but a couple of dreams I had the other night left me worried. On the same night, my Mom and I both had dreams about each other, and both dreams had a sense of danger about them.

In my dream, my mom and I were walking somewhere, when she took a wrong turn and fell into some sort of lake or canal. Since she doesn’t know how to swim, I jumped in; but I couldn’t reach her right away. As I swam toward her, I directed her to just tilt her head back toward the sky, and to try to relax. By the time I got to her, she was doing quite well, and I pulled her to shore.

In her dream, she was standing in my bathroom late at night (I live with my parents) when all of a sudden a strange man grabbed a hold of her, his elbow around her neck. She wanted to scream to get me out of the house, but he headed her off by saying, “Don’t even think about it.” She then woke up, quite startled, of course.

Although we haven’t talked much about it lately, I think the dreams may have something to do with my plans to move out (again) in January. Perhaps my dream was indicating my fears that my mom will be lost without me (she had a really hard time when I spent a year overseas), and perhaps her dream was indicating her desires to help me but somehow being held back. Her dream probably also contained some real fear of intruders in our home, since my dad often is away on business.

My question is, aside from a general interpretation of our dreams, is: Do you think our dreams could be a warning of a future event? I just think it’s eerie, especially because I never remember dreams about my mom, that we had such dreams on the same night. Are we a “Duo in Danger?”

—Melanie, age 25, single, Seattle, WA

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