In a recurring dream, I am in Ireland. (I write novels about Celtic mythology!) I am standing behind the door to a house, but I cannot see myself. Though he is surrounded by mist and trees, I see my fiance walking toward me, smiling. In his hand he carries things: strands of long green ribbon and a small velvet box.

As he appoaches the door of the house, he places the green ribbon over my hands and opens the velvet box. Inside the box are two shining emeralds. I reach to pick up the jewels, but they turn to brilliantly colored butterflies. They hover for a moment, then fly over his head toward the trees.

Thereafter, I awaken. I can almost feel the cool mist, and I always feel that I will miss those butterflies.

I have mixed emotions about my feelings with this dream. During the dream, I feel happy and content. But when I wake, I long for something for which there is no exact explanation.

I am sure that I love my fiance, and I am sure that he loves me. The green ribbon, I believe, is symbolic of an ancient custom called Handfasting....popular in Celtic cultures. I don’t know whether I long for the freedom of the butterflies (and being single) or whether I simply am anxious, as any new bride-to-be is.

—Joy, USA

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