First, I’d like to say that I think I have these dreams when I am under extreme stress and am looking for an outlet. I recently discovered that my divorce is not final yet. I continue to receive mail from my husband’s lawyers and his friends who have not yet accepted that he does not live with me anymore. Every time I attempt to move forward in my life there is always something to remind me that it’s not over yet, and that is frustrating for me. Then, I was unhappy with my job. It had become overwhelming, so the good news about that is I’ll be starting a new job in two weeks. I was awakened by another one of these dreams at 6 am this morning, so that’s why I am writing. There are several versions of this dream, so I will mention them all.

At first I would dream that I was in Las Vegas. The plane would drop me off, but Las Vegas was nowhere in sight. It was like a big desert and I would be walking for an eternity it seems. I would never find Las Vegas.

Then I’d dream that I had walked so far that I could finally see the strip. I’d keep telling myself, “I’m going to get there.” I’d be walking for what seems like forever.

My next dream. Finally, I have arrived. But the strip is not the strip. I tell myself, “I know I saw the MGM just over there, but now I don’t see it.” The strip is made up of some old buildings, but nothing that looks like Las Vegas. I am asking people which way to go, to get to the strip. People are telling me, but once I get there it’s not the hotels in Las Vegas. These dreams are frustrating because I never find what I’m looking for.

Then I dream that I am actually on the strip. I can see all of the hotels, the lights, and people. There is this one hotel that I have in mind that I want to go to. I know where it’s at. I can see it in my head. Each time I sort out this particular hotel, and that’s where I want to go. I get there. I go in. I ask the attendant, “Where are the slot machines?” He says, “We don’t have slot machines anymore.” I say, “What, this is Las Vegas! What do you mean you don’t have slot machines?” I am so frustrated. I know that I have come a long way and still have not found what I am looking for.

I walk around this hotel and I see some pinball machines that have been put in place of the slot machines. I am so confused. I walk around some more and I see people really enjoying themselves playing with these pinball machines. I tell myself I know that the hotel next door has slot machines because I have won money at that hotel several times. I rush over there and go where I believe the slot machines are, and once again there are only pinball machines. I just don’t know what to do.

My next dream. I am in the hotel. I see the slot machines. I am excited. I approach the machines and put some money in them and pull the lever and I look at the machine and it has turned into a pinball machine. I am furious. I asked the person sitting next to me, “Wasn’t there a slot machine just here?” They say, “No, Las Vegas doesn’t have slot machines anymore.” I am just about to lose my mind! I want to slap this person.

Then I dream that I am putting money in the slot machine and I pull the lever and I win. As a matter of fact, I hit the jackpot.

Then it seems the dreams start all over again. Sometimes I have taken a few people with me and they think that I am crazy and that I have misled them about knowing where Las Vegas is or where the fun is. Just this week I had two more of these dreams.

The dream that woke me up this morning and led me to submitting my dream was a little different. I dreamed that I was in Las Vegas with some friends we were staying at one of the hotels. I told everyone how I had won so much money in Vegas and how lucky I was. (This is a true statement). They seemed to be impressed and they wanted me to take them to the lucky spots, so I said OK.

We left that hotel. I remember walking over a bridge and at the end there was a lady selling dresses. We stopped to buy some dresses. This time I didn’t get to the strip because I chose to do something else. I wasn’t so driven to get there. As a matter of fact, I felt no urgency, so I felt no frustration. When I woke up I did not feel any remorse about not getting there.

Please help!


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