I was sitting on a toilet and put a pillow behind my back on the toilet. I tried to go to the bathroom but couldn’t. My doctor came to my house and I showed him a video of my husband and me, the video was in slow motion. As we were watching it, I felt surprised that I was showing it. In the video it said something about my husband’s struggle. The doctor asked me if my husband was still struggling. I said no, but now I was struggling to have a baby. He said I could get pregnant. The doctor and I were in a yard, we both lay down. I asked if he wanted a pillow. He said no.

I went back into the house (which was not my house) and a man and his son and daughter-in-law were in the house with suitcases. I said they had the wrong house. The older man was ready to leave. They said they were sure it was the right place because of the brandy and cigars. I then realized it was a police sting and I was to hold the three there until the police arrived. I looked outside the window and saw a police car with four policemen. They came in and took the three away. My husband said to the older man, now you can write your script. My husband was telling him about adjectives. But the man got belligerent.

I opened the blinds, which I was surprised were closed, and behind the blinds was my cat. I was holding my cat and he was waving goodbye and talking as the three left. The dream then switches locations and I see my mother standing behind a bar, she said something about my hair. I blew up and started screaming about how I couldn’t take the criticism. I was very angry.

Something about me: I have been trying to get pregnant for over two years.

--Christa, Age 35, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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