Last night I had this dream that I saw my old piano professor from college (I received my BM in music). I had studied under him the first three years that I was there, and then he moved to Arizona. I think I spoke to him once since then. That was in 1997.

I haven't been thinking about him at all, when last night I had a dream that I saw him at this place I used to work. He was playing the piano, and at first I wasn't sure that I recognized him. He seemed to have lost some weight. I went back over to him and he looked at me as if he knew me but he asked me who I was, and I said who I was. He repeated my name and then he starts being silly the way he used to be when I knew him in college. He then complimented me and told me that he was, I believe, proud of me and some other things I don't remember. I found this strange.

He ended the conversation by saying that he'd get back to me, but I told him I no longer worked there, and that I had gotten a much better job. I wanted to tell him I was completing my master's degree in a different field, but I didn't. He asked me about my job, and that's all I remember of him.

There were other parts of the dream, but that was the part that struck me the most. I have gone on to pursue a different field other than music, and I have not thought about him at all, so I don't understand this. I do not take praise well. Does it make any sense?

—Carolyn, Age 25, Single, USA

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