I am a 26-year-old woman, unmarried and with no current boyfriend, with a decent career and social life. Last night I dreamt that I was out on a golf course playing a strange version of golf, using whiffle balls instead of golf balls, with my soon-to-be roommate (we've been friends since we were college roommates). The balls were moving erratically around the course and I realized that they had fishing line attached to them and somebody was making them move that way.

I followed the line and saw it went up a tree. In the tree were two babies, one boy and one girl. I was alarmed to see them and wondered who would put babies in a tree. Without thinking, I pulled the string, which the boy baby was holding. He came falling out of the tree fast. I knelt down to brace myself and cradled my arms. I caught him and he didn't even cry. When I looked at his face, I felt like I loved the baby like a mother does. I don't usually remember my dreams with such clarity, which is why I'm curious as to the meaning of this dream. I hope it's not my "biological clock" ticking.


—Anonymous, age 26, U.S.A.

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