I have been having terrible nightmares for the past few years. I’m always being chased by something/someone that threatens me with death or physical harm. I fight back in the dreams and typically win over whatever “evil” is present, but the dreams are very disturbing to me. I am at the point that I have trouble sleeping because I don’t want to experience the nightmares.

I just finished my doctorate in pharmacy, work two jobs, and am currently a second year law student. My daily life is very full and I’m constantly on the go. I handle stress well during the day and have a terrific support system in family and friends. The nightmares, however, have not subsided. I feel these nightmares have something to do with my stressful lifestyle. Since the lifestyle will be the same for awhile I am concerned about the nightmares. The nightmares seem very real and to me are rather gruesome. Can you suggest anything to help eliminate this terrible nightly occurence? I already eat right (relatively speaking), exercise, and have hobbies to occupy my rare free time.


- Jane, Age 29, Chicago, IL, USA

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