I dreamed that I suddenly realized that I was very pregnant; the bulge in my abdomen just appeared. My mom pointed it out to me. My body bulged grossly on the top of my belly, so I thought it would be a girl. My mom said something about being able to see the baby early, and we lifted my shirt. We could see its feet kicking on my left side. It was moving a lot, and soon the top part of the bulge became see-through and filled with fluid, like a blister. We could actually see the baby then. Somehow, I didn’t protect this thin skin well enough and it broke. The baby was then delivered from the opening in my upper belly. I was really hoping that it would have brown eyes like me or green eyes like my boyfriend’s so that I would know that it was his. But, his eyes were blue like my ex-boyfriend’s! I was very upset and wanted nothing to do with the child, and I didn’t want my boyfriend to find out about it. I took it to the restaurant where I work to try to find someone to adopt it. Then I thought that I should give him to my aunt because she is unable to have children of her own. As soon as I thought of this, one of the cooks took the baby and said, “I know what to do with it,” and put him on the grill. Then the baby turned into a big T-bone steak, and someone started to eat it. My aunt arrived and asked to see the baby, but all I could show her was a half-eaten steak. I said that maybe the cells would grow back into a baby, even though I realized that was impossible. My aunt looked disappointed, but she wasn’t angry and said that it was probably for the best, anyway. Throughout the whole dream, I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I’ve been on the Pill for over a year and haven’t even been able to stand the sight of my ex for about a year. My current boyfriend is a vegetarian, maybe that’s why the baby turned into a steak. Please let me know what you think about this dream!

-Rayna, Age 22, Terre Haute, LA, USA

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