My background is that I am single, with no kids. I am an identical twin, and possess a master’s degree in education. I founded and run a non-profit corporation for folks with serious disabilities. I manage about 80 employees. It’s a high-stress job.

I have two recurring themes in my dreams. In one, I am packing to return home from a trip, or getting ready to go on a trip. Everyone I am traveling with is ready, but somehow, all my “stuff” won’t fit into the suitcase. I run around frantically locating my stuff and trying to fit it into my suitcase. I often miss my ride or am terrified that I will. I am very confused in my dreams. I wonder why what I started with will no longer fit in the suitcase.

The other recurring theme is that I am preparing for a major natural disaster, usually a flood. I am walking in the streets where I live, trying to get home to retrieve my things or trying to find someone prior to the flood. I usually wake up before the flood arrives, or if it does, I am somehow not directly affected.

—Joan, age 45, single, Keene, NH

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