In the last 2 weeks I have had a number of dreams that all involve trains. I haven’t been on a train in years, although I used to catch one everyday to high school about 17 years ago. The dreams have all been different, but they all involve a few similarities: Arriving at the station and going to the platform. The actual waiting for the train appears insignificant. Getting onto the train, sometimes with people I know and sometimes on my own (although if on my own, there are people on the train I know, although each time they are people I used to know many, many years ago and also weren’t very siginificant in my life). I only travel a few stops, but each station is one that in real life I do know, but in the dream it looks completely different. Then I get off and the dream continues down a completely different storyline each time for a short time before I wake up. The beginning of the dreams are also completely unrelated stories until I get to a train station.

I have no journeys planned for the near future, and the only thing I can imagine the dreams to be connected to is that a few weeks ago I bought and moved into a new house with my boyfriend. Usually I don’t remember my dreams, so I feel this must be extra important to me.

--Cheryl, Age 31, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

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