I had a dream that I was getting on an elevator at work, when the doors opened up and I seen a man stuffing hundred dollar bills in the top of the elevator. He stated that as soon as he got off that I could have the money. He got off the elevator and I started filling up my pockets. Then the doors open up and I am on the roof. The same man then throws a bomb in the elevator. I picked it up very quickly and threw it back at him but before the doors had a chance to close the man had thrown it back in there with me. I immediately said “Jesus please take care of my children, tell my husband that I love him and forgive me for all my sins.” But the bomb never went off. I was devastated when I awoke to find that it was just a dream. In your opinion, why a dream like that? What does it mean?

--Karly, Age 26, Buckhead, GA, USA

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