Recently I dreamed that me and a friend were sitting on a 3-legged chair atop a 3-4 story concrete cylinder. I was sitting in my friend’s lap and we were bouncing around on this cylinder by her holding on to the base of the chair and I in her lap. We would bounce on all 3 legs of the chair, then 2, then 1. At one point we got too close to the edge & fell off. We fell to the ground but before we hit, I woke up.

I felt all the sensations of falling: rapid heart rate, stomach in my throat, etc. What does this mean? The only recent event I can relate to this sensation was driving very fast in a sports car and turning a corner too fast and I lost control of the turn but recovered before anything other than damage to the car took place. I had been drinking when this incident happened. It scared me very much!

--Anonymous, Age 41, San Antonio, TX, USA

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