My sister and I each have had disturbing dreams about our youngest sister. In the first dream I am at my sister’s house. (I have never been to her house in real life.) It’s dark outside, so I suggest we lock the doors. When my sister opens the main door to lock the screen, a man pulls the door open and hits her in the face. When I reach to stop the man, he shoots my sister with a gun.

Why would I have such an awful dream?

My sister then had a dream about our brother, who died twenty-five years ago. In the dream my brother had his arms around my youngest sister’s waist (the same one who was attacked in my dream), and was saying to her, “I don’t want to go yet. I am not ready.” What does this mean?

Our youngest sister is dying and she has told me that she is not ready and does not want to die. Are these dreams both about her?

—Marie, Age 50, Married, USA

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