This is not a recurring dream, but one from which I and my friends got a chuckle. I am a senior citizen.

I was back in the church where I grew up and was attending a funeral. I was sitting in the pew I usually sat in when I was living in that area. All of those attending were men and all dressed in black. There was no minister leading the service, but the closed casket was at the front of the church as is the custom. Several members were standing up and giving short eulogies, except one man who got up and droned on and on about the deceased. Some attendees, getting bored by the long dissertation, were getting up and leaving, mumbling things under their breath. Even though I, too, was bored, I felt that this action of leaving dishonored the deceased, so I stood up and called out pleadingly and frantically, “No! No! This is not the way to do it!!! You must all sit down.” And then I explained how one conducts oneself at a funeral. When the long-winded guy finished, the pall bearers proceeded to the coffin and began to leave the church. And.........the mourners followed...everyone of them forming a line doing the conga!!!!!!!!!

--Anonymous, Age 72

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