I was wondering what it means to dream of seeing fire balls hitting the earth and destroying whatever they hit. I had a dream that I was here on earth living like a normal person, and then I went outside my house and noticed fire balls coming from the sky - landing on houses and the ground.

My next door neighbor’s house was hit, but it did not burn all the way. I heard a loud scream that someone was being burned. I looked and it was my sister. I ran to rescue her and tried to turn the flames away. My sister was fine, and I was not touched. A lady saw us and told us to go into the cellar of her apartment, and we did. Everything seem to be deserted. I was surprised that someone was looking at us, and saved us from the fire.

Well, my thoughts about this dream are like the Bible says - that the Lord will end the world with fire this time.

Please help me to understand this dream. I am hoping that for Y2K the world will still be here.

P.S. I tried to research why I had this dream, but nothing that I am doing or watched recently has anything to do with it.

--Anonymous, Age 22, Female, Single, Boston, MA, USA

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