I had a dream last night that started interesting but ended bad. The dream started off with a group of men, who I think were athletes, in a prison. The men escape from the prison. Everyone in the town was put on notice.

Later that night I was at home when a strange knock came to the door. I was not familiar with the person and told that person I would call the police. Before I knew it the person was in the house approaching me to harm me. I did not recognize the face at first. It was a very large male figure whose face I could not recognize. I had a gun and I attempted to shoot it. The gun’s safety was on. The person realized that the safety was on and then backed up and gave a clear shot for me to fire my gun., actually urging me to shoot.

When the person backed up, I could see that the person was my wife. At this point I recognized the face but did not take into account who she was. She continued to urge me to shoot. I figured she had a bullet-proof vest so I aimed at the face. I shot her in the face once. She was not dead but still moved slowly from side to side, saying something. I could not understand. I knew she was hurt. I got up close and shot her again in the neck. I do remember having a hard time shooting the gun each time. As she was close to dying, I said I will always love you and kissed her. She kissed me back slightly. I am not quite sure if she died then, or at all for that matter.

Once I really realized it was my wife I had just shot, I tried to back up the events in my head before waking up. I did not want the dream to end that way.

The only background information I can think of that may be valid is that there was infidelity on her part before we were married that I still have some inner anger with. I have acted out sexually on one occasion because of anger.

—Anonymous, Male, Age 28, Married, USA

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