It always begins with me coming home from service in the army...which I served in for 3 years. I am coming home to my high school sweetheart who I was with all my teenage life. She won’t talk to me, ignores me, at which time I become angry and go beserk, not at her but anyone else in my path.

I have this dream a lot; we broke up when I returned from a 6 month stint overseas. She still lives in my hometown and I see her sometimes. I was very much in love with this girl and was planning on marrying her. When we split she started sleeping around town, and I was involved in several fights with several of the men she was seeing. Please help me understand this as I am now married to a great girl that I love very much, and am sick of this dream... Been having it for several years now. Many thanks -

----David, Age 32, Vancouver, B.C., CANADA

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