I am a 28 year old Asian woman now living and working in the city. I had a dream after the death of my paternal grandmother, which I would just like to share with you.

When my grandmother was 83, she came to live with us, at my parent’s house in the suburbs, and stayed for 5 years. At the time she was partially paralysed by stroke, blind, and bedridden. During that period, we established a connection between us, where I grew to love her very much, and she knew that. But, due to family conflicts, I left, never to return until 10 months later this year.

She lapsed into a semi coma exactly a week after I returned, and died the following Monday morning. On Sunday night, I dreamed I kept trying to wake her despite knowing her state, and at my insistence, she awoke. I was so happy although I saw that she still looked like she was at death’s door. She was completely pale, and limp. Yet, she took both my hands,and raised them to her lips. I felt her love in that gesture and it was enough. And I woke up ready to let her go.

--Anonymous, Age 28, Single

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