I do not know if my dream is related to anything at all. It has two parts.

First: I am riding on the subway during a rush hour. I am sitting and reading a book. All of the sudden, something is covering my book. It is a human head with gray hair, that are long, gray, and they are scratching me. I see a man wearing a red jacket, who is holding this head. At this moment I woke up.

Second: After I fell asleep again, I see myself lying in a huge bed. I am in a huge, dark room, where the only piece of furniture is my bed. I feel there is something else lying on it. I turn to the right, and I see the same head from my previous dream lying on the pillow next to me and staring at me.

I know my dream sounds morbid, but I do not think about death in my waking life at all. My health is at it best. I started going back to the gym in January and I feel great. In my family there are only 4 people, and all are healthy. The closest death in my family occurred 8 years ago, when my grandfather died. The closest death around my circle of friends occurred almost a year ago.

I was worried about my job. I am in a computer business and with the economy lately, computer people are being laid off first, but my boss said that for now I have nothing to worry about. Can you help me translate?

—Leo, Male, New York, NY, USA

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