I had a dream that my wife and I had a new puppy and a kitten that played and got along together just fine. In the dream the kitten was hiding inside a closet. I got the kitten to come out, and out of nowhere the puppy ran out and attacked the kitten. I was shocked at that puppy.

Then later that night (in the dream) I heard someone downstairs, fighting violently with the puppy (like an intruder or something). I could tell the intruder was beating the puppy, but the sounds the puppy made were violent and scary (not crying sounds... but barking and fighting sounds). Then I heard the intruder come up the stairs to our bedroom—while we were in bed. Then I woke up.

Current events in my life are: I am trying to figure out if I am going to change jobs; I am expecting my first child; my wife has had a tough pregnancy (she is 7.5 months along); and my job has been keeping me SUPER busy.

As for the baby, we already know it is a boy (verified twice via ultrasound). My wife also was really sick at the start, with dehydration, and the Dr. placed her on a 3-month bed rest and an in-home IV. She is much better now (good days and bad days), and she is also back at work part time. No more IV’s and stuff. She is scheduled for a C-Section in May.

For some crazy reason the puppy attacking the kitten scared me a lot. (My wife REALLY wanted a girl, and I think she is still a bit disappointed, but just keeps it to her self). It did not matter to me either way what the child was, at any point in time. I do not know why the dream bothered me so much. We don’t have any pets, and I am not an animal lover or anything.


—Eddie, Married, Male, Brooklyn Park, MN, USA

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