I have been reading about dreams that involve teeth falling out but the common explanation doesn’t seem to apply to me completely. About two weeks ago I had a very short and realistic dream in which I pulled out some of my teeth. I was standing and in front of me was a reflection of my self close up, like a mirror but I couldn’t actually see anything but the reflection. My top row of teeth hurt and so I reached up and pulled out the first two molars on both sides. As I was doing it I was terrified because it hurt and I didn’t (of course) want to lose my teeth. All those years of braces!! Then again I reached up and pulled out the two front, top, pointy teeth. I remember being very frightened. Then the dream ended.

Last night I had a dream which began exactly the same way, except in the reflection I was missing the teeth I had already pulled in the last dream. In the back top row I had a tooth which hurt (I couldn’t see which one) and so I was about to pull it but it fell out itself. When I inspected the tooth in amazement I noticed that it was rotten from the inside out. In the last dream the teeth I had pulled were perfectly normal... Then suddenly I was standing in front of the phone and calendar in the kitchen. I remember the calendar specifically because I was staring at it. I showed my mouth and the tooth to my father and I remember that I was very upset and crying. My father told me not to worry because I could always get dentures! I said that I didn’t want dentures! Then he proceeded to tell me that I would probably be better off with dentures anyway!

I don’t have a bad relationship with my father or anything like that. My life has been confusing as of late, so here are some things that might be important: My mother is in the hospital having a treatment for cancer. I am in love with one of my best guy friends and I just can’t tell him, and it is this whole mess... sometimes I think he likes me and sometimes not... etc. I have always been (strangely) worried about my teeth (braces and all) so I just figured after the first dream that it was just me worrying about nothing. I have a lot of school work and projects assigned as of late. If there are any other questions just e-mail me! 

--Adele, Age 16, Dunnellon, FL, USA

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