I’ve had a recurring, yet progressive dream over a period of a few weeks... The dreams were all different, however, one part is the recurring part, and that’s the part that has me troubled. In all of the dreams (and those are kind of foggy), things are going fine, then out of the blue my dad steps in and asks me to make reservations for some visiting dignitaries. I tell him that I will, and I make attempts to find just the right place. (I don’t work with my dad, but my job does require making hotel arrangements for visitors) That part ends and the dream goes on and changes pace... Each successive dream has my dad stepping in and asking me if I have made the arrangements. And each time I have this feeling of panic because I have been so busy I haven’t finished it. Finally, in the last dream I had with this, I was in a train station and my dad steps in and asks about the hotel again. I am speechless because I haven’t done it. He gets a phone call and it is the visitors... they’ve gone ahead and made their own plans and tell him where they are staying. My dad never says another word about it, but I am devastated because I know I really let him down...

So... any ideas? 

--Wanda, Age 37, Federal Way, WA, USA

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